The devil known as TV

I am way too addicted to TV. I have noticed it more and more now that I have hundreds of channels. I can always find something to watch. Sadly, half the time, it is the same movie I watched the day before and a few days ago. I really need to break this habit.

I've started to notice some patterns now. Watching TV starts out all innocent. I decide to watch the Sox game or turn it on while eating dinner. Whatever the original purpose is, it ends, the game ends, dinner ends, etc, but the TV stays. It says find something else to keep me on. I end up flipping through the movie channels most likely, as its the summer and no new (well, at least no new GOOD) shows are on. I find a few movies that pique my interest. The list is usually something like this: one movie I want to see, but it started 30 mins beforehand, one movie that is pretty new to cable, so I watched it the day before, but I could watch again, one old movie, which is really a bad movie, but at least will keep me occuppied for a bit. I pick one of the second two usually. Start watching. The movie ends and the cycle repeats. Cycle doesn't even always wait until the movie ends, I just start flipping sometimes because I am bored with what I am seeing.

I think getting a TiVo would really help me in this. First off, I would not have to worry about missing the shows I really do like. Tonight, I almost totally flaked on The Dead Zone just because I wasn't remembering it was Sunday. If I had the TiVo, it would have just recorded it and would not have had to think. If I had a TiVo, I would only have to watch TV when I wanted to watch the Sox. Hell, I could even TiVo the damn Sox and watch them later on :)

This rambling does have a point, somewhere, at least in my head. I really need to cut the damn TV out of my life. Whether it be through TiVo and spending time just watching what I like and not flipping as damn much and watching the same junk over and over again or just by finding other ways to stimulate me.

The worst part about this is that I am a music junkie, so it would make MUCH more sense for me to have the stereo blasting while sitting on the couch hacking away on the computer than to have the blasted TV on. I need to work on this bug time.

Yet another new leaf to turn over, I guess .....


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