TV Overload Overload

A few months back, my buddy Keith told me he would be giving me his 50" projection TV. He had gotten a new HD flatscreen and didn't need the huge projection TV anymore. Lucky for him and I, I lived downstairs from him and it was a roll down the hall and a quick elevator ride.

When the new TV arrived, I hooked my old TV up in my bedroom. I just hooked it up directly to the cable line, which in the end gave me about 10 viable channels (not viable being PBS type stations, QVC type stations, foreign language stations, etc).

I'm terrible in that I fall asleep on my couch most nights with the TV on in the background, usually watching something on the TiVo I have seen 100 times before. When I first got the TV in my bedroom, I thought it would be great to getting me to sleep in my bedroom every night. The problem quickly became the 10 channels. Once Jimmy Kimmel ended, there wasn't much on the TV and I would end up flipping for 20 mins and usually ending up on something stupid.

Well, today, I finally began the process to fix that problem. First, I called Comcast and asked them to bring me a second cable box. Since I already have the cable connection, this should be pretty straightforward. And for once, I was lucky and they actually have open appointments for this Saturday. So, on Saturday, the first part will be fixed, I will go from 10 channels to 100s of channels :)

At the same time, 100s of channels could cause even more flipping, which just keeps one up late at night. So, I went through with part 2 of the TV in the bedroom plan and ordered a new TiVo for the bedroom. Now that the hardware is free, this was very quick and easy and most importantly CHEAP.

So, by this time next week, I should have a cable box and a TiVo in my bedroom. This means a) I will be able to record MUCH more programming and second, I will always have something to watch when I fall asleep at night :) Yay for technology :)


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