Wow, what a horrible game. It couldn't even keep my attention, so sad.

As for the other part of the SuperBowl, the commercials were really bad as well. A few were cute, but other than that I thought they did not live up to previous years at all.

Best commercial, would have to go to the new Matrix commercial. That motorcycle scene looked SICK. I can't wait for May, I will definitely be going on opening day.

Some runners up, I guess would have to be the first one with the Zebra ref, the Yao Ming/Yogi Berra one was cute, the Osbournes Pepsi commercial was sad, their 15 minutes are quickly expriring. Seeing some real clips from Hulk was neat, though I am not sure how good the movie is going to be, Bad Boys 2 clips, already online, but I loved the first movie, so I can't wait for the next.

Basically, not impressed with the game or the commercials. Gonna watch some Alias and probably set the tape, so I get it and Jimmy Kimmel. Since Kimmel stole The Sports Guy, it better be fuckin funny.


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