Well, I have been a bit lazy with this thing lately. Basically just been very busy with work. This weekend was fun. Friday, I did the normal Rack and Sissys thing. Nothing all that special. I did see my friend who had taken some pictures of mine to get framed and got them back. They look awesome, I'm psyched.

Yesterday (and today), I was wicked lazy during the day.

Last night, I went out with the guys from Central Basement to send off their sound guy Jeff who has decided to retire from the job. We went to the Sky Bar in Sommerville first to see Bionic. These guys are good. They are rather heavy which was very cool. I bought their CD and its awesome. Definitely a band that people should chek out if you see them playing.

We then headed over to The Harp and saw Drop Dead Sexy. These guys were interesting. They were all over the map on what they were playing. Some of it, I liked, some of it, I really didn't like. The interesting part was that all of the guys seemed to be very versatile. The singer would let someone else sing and play trumpet, and then the sax player would rap and then sing GNR. Very interesting.

Over all a really fun night and not all that bad a weekend.


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