Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Boston, MA 02/28/2003

All I have to say is GODDAMN! This show was HOT!

Don and I arrived at the show around 9:30 or so, there was supposed to be an opening band going on around then, but none was sighted. Finally around 10:50, the band hit the stage. They started off strong and never stopped. They played A LOT of new material that I had not heard before, plus included either 3 or 4 of the six songs available on their live disc.

About the third or fouth song, they did Shake Your Hips and Robert called a number of girls up to the stage to dance with him. He did it again late in the set. I knew at that point we were in for a good time.

About the fifth song of the set, he called 'Lil Joey' from the Blind Boys of Alabama, who played in Sommerville this evening, up to the stage. I thought he would play a song or two and take off. Instead, he stayed for the rest of the show. He added some nice guitar on all the tracks and even some vocals on some.

The strangest thing of the evening was seeing Robert play some normal guitar. He normally plays pedal steel guitar. It was very intersting to see this.

One of the things I love to judge a band on is if they seem to be having fun. These guys look like they are having a BLAST. They were laughing and smiling and just having a good time. Its great to see a band who really LOVES what they are doing. You know they are up there saying to themselves "I get paid for this!".

All in all, an amazing show, glad I went. I definitely hate Lukas and Ethan due to the fact that the Nassau set list looks GREAT, but I had a wonderful time tonight myself, so that lets some of the hate burn off :)


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