Liz Phair - Boston, MA 08/17/2003

I went with Lukas to see Liz Phair last night. I have just recently started listening to Liz via the mix CD that GG gave me when I was out visiting.

Wheat (who don't have an easily findable web site) opened. They were pretty much generic pop rock. I wasn't impressed at all.

Liz came out around 8. She played a good variety of songs from her albums. She played for about an hour and did a two song encore. I wasn't happy with how short the show was, but I knew it would be an early due to the club night later.

I was very impressed with how she came off. She still seems like a nervous little girl on stage even though she has been doing this for like 10 years. She even made the comment that she stopped after each song to see if she had done ok. It was definitely very cute. Speaking of cute, she looked plan hot. She had a little see through dress on which just looked amazing. Her singing sounded really good. Just like the albums. I worry sometimes that some music has had too much work done on it in the studio, but Liz showed that hers definitely does not.

Overall a great show, had a blast. Definitely has increased my liking of Liz's music. I may have to just go out and buy some of her CDs now.

Here's the setlist from Lukas:

Polyester Bride
Rock Me
Never Said
Help Me Mary
Divorce Song
Red Light Fever
Uncle Alvarez
Perfect World
Why Can't I?
Johnny Feelgood

Little Digger
Fuck and Run

The one note I will add. Before she did Flower, it looked like they were about to go in to Extraordinary, Liz kind of stopped the band and said "Can I do something? I've got my hand raised here" and then did Flower by herself. Very cool.

Big thanks to Lukas for the ticket, here's his review.


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