To iPhone or Not to iPhone

My current phone contract is up in February, so it's time to start thinking about what I want to get. I have been a Sprint customer for over 9 years now (since they introduced the PCS concept), so my easiest path is to just get a new Sprint phone. I looked around a little and it seems like the best phone they offer for me is probably the MOTORAZR2 V9m. It's the higher end Razr phone and has a bunch of the features I would like to have in my phone (especially the phone as a modem feature, so I can use my laptop on the road).

This will end up costing me like $250 for just the phone and with tax and some other stuff, it will most likely end up being over $300. The biggest reason to do this is to just keep with the service and system that I have used forever. The other big reason in the past was keeping the same number, its been my number forever, so I would hate for it to change.

These days, we have number portability, so I could take my number with me wherever I went. And as for Sprint, its not like they do anything super special for me. Lastly, the $300 for the phone is kind of steep for a regular old phone.

So, the question becomes, do I just get an iPhone? First of all, it would only be $100 more than my current idea of what I want to buy. It has the obvious "cool" factor as its the hot phone out there. It also means that I can carry one less device (no more ipod) when I walk downtown or something. I'm a huge Apple fan, so it would fit pretty well in to my digital lifestyle. And its got a lot of great stuff built in to it and once apps can be put on it, it will be even better.

The cons? Well, I would guess we will be seeing a new iPhone pretty soon (I would love to see one at Macworld because that would make this decision a lot easier). It means switching networks, so if I have issues or can't get service in places, it means figuring out a new system. It means going through the hassle of moving my number. And it means dealing with some of the issues I have heard about on the iPhone.

I dunno. I definitely will have to think about this some more. I do have about 6 weeks, but that will go by real quick.


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