Clark lost my vote

I know I should not be talking about politics here, but something I heard on the debate last night (which I watched about half of) that REALLY bothered me.

Clark made this statement: "We want to be ahead of the software revolution. Let them do the software in India; we'll do other things in this country. "

Sorry, but I really am not ready to go back and learn a new trade. I have decided to pursue something I enjoy and I have no need or want to go back to school or anything to learn how to be something different.

Yes, we should be looking forward to new sources for jobs, but at the same time America has many software developers and other technical folks who do not want to have to switch professions. We need to get companies to want to employ people in America and not just sell off the business to the lowest bidder.

Also, outsourcing can lead to other problems. Obviously the biggest of them is the language barrier. Sure, someone in India who speaks perfect English is great and all, but sometimes an accent will make the conversation next to unintelligible to the other person. I have first hand experience with this, as I talk to customers all the time and sometimes, though asked a question in English, cannot understand what the customer is trying to say. Hell, I have even been to Ireland on multiple occassions and their native English speakers and I still can't understand some people with a thick brogue. I guess this is most evident with Dell having to move their technical support back to America after many many complaints.

So, no General Clark, I don't want software to move to India, I want to keep it right here, so I can continue to enjoy my job.


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