Robert Randolph and the Family Band - 11/19/2003 - Boston, MA

Don and I headed over to Avalon to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band. This was going to be my fifth or sixth time seeing the band and I knew I was in for a good time, I just didn't realize how good a time.

Los Lonely Boys opened up the show. We made sure to get in to see them, as they had been recommended by a co-worker. I liked them, though I feel they need to concentrate a little more. They seemed to play a little of everything. The guitar player needs to shred a little less and play a little more soulful at times.

After a short break, Marcus hit the stage and started out the beat. Then Danyel hit and started laying down a familiar bass line. Jason, the new keyboard player, hit the stage next to get the song really going. I know this song! Robert came out and started playing the vocal line to Billie Jean on his guitar. Interesting song to start with, especially what is going on with MJ these days.

Now that its almost a week later and there were a few drinks involved in the evening, I can't completely remember what was played. Shake Your Hips had the stage filled with women from the crowd doing the hip shake. Hopefully I can find a set list some time.

Overall, am amazing show, as was expected. These guys continue to impress me each and every time I see them. If you haven't seen them, you are definitely missing out.


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