Primus - 11/18/2003 - Boston, MA

So, last week I went to see Primus at the Orpheum in Boston with Brian and some of his friends.

Going in, I liked that Les had brought the 2 set idea that he picked up from the jam band scene back to Primus. I especially liked that the second set was going to be B000001Y57 in full.

So, the show starts up, and I see what as become to Primus. They have become a jam band. Well, almost. Les really tried to bring the ideas from the jam band scene back to Primus. At time, it worked well. Others, I felt like it wasn't. I feel that Larry missed opportunities at points to really take Primus in to the jam band feel. There were times I felt that Les was laying down something really nice and Larry could have just gone off and really taken a spotlight in the jam, but he didn't.

The first set was alright. I forget that SO much of the music I like of Primus is on Seas of Cheese. The Mr Kringle ending was a good way to end the set on a high note. My favorite piece of the show was American Life with the BEST jam of the night in to Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, a Primus classic. The overall presentation of the Seas of Cheese was really good, though at points, the pieces I expressed above came out. An attempted jam just turned in to Les having some fun on the bass with Larry laying down some random notes. The encore was a severe let down with Mary the Ice Cube from the new CD. It's a slow drifting song, instead of a nice strong ending. But, as the song says, doesn't nothin ever last forever?

The one thing I did learn the night of the show is that Primus is doing the Phish thing and is putting all their shows online at Primus Live. Gonna have to pick up the show once it comes out (a little slow, as opposed to Phish who has them up in like 2 or 3 days).

I had a site that had the set list, but it was somewhat weak (missing the teases and such), so if anyone has a good set list, send it along.


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