People agree with him?

I was just reading an article in Time entitled The Love Him, Hate Him President. It talks about how people are pretty much either 100% for or against Bush. I find this amusing, as I know no one who is for him at this point.

Maybe its just the parts of the blogosphere I read, or maybe even just the blogosphere in general, but pretty much all I read are things against him these days. And to be honest, I can't see many good reasons to be for him any more.

The quotes in the article from Republican supporters are amusing at points. They talk about him being a stand up leader who gets done what he wants. Well, there is a line here between wanting to get things done for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. And continuing forward with plans using lies and alterior motives is not something I really see as a good thing.

Also, they say he doesn't read the papers or the polls. Maybe this is why he is so lost on many issues. I heard somewhere he has people who give him the important parts of the news in briefs. Well, anyone giving that information to you is doing so in their perspective, not a true overview. And I won't even get in to the media having their own perspective as well.

One other thing they talk about is Bush's religious nature. I am a Catholic, though not really practicing these days, but I don't think God should come in to play in politics at all. I really do think that Bush thinks he is ruling by God's will and therefore whatever he does is right. It's very scary.

I know I am not all that well informed on politics, but this stuff starts coming out of my brain sometimes and I just have to write it down.


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