Five and 2.5

So, today is 5 months since I had my last cigarette. I always said if I can go 6 months I will finally feel like I have really quit. One more month to go. Hardly even think about smoking these days, which is rather nice. Every once in a while I still want one though. Guess that will happen for a long time.

Quitting smoking was the first part of trying to get healthy. I have been getting better about eating and all that stuff, but the real scary part started yesterday. Yesterday evening, I went for a run. Yes, me, Skadz, went out to exercise :)

I did just under 2.5 miles in about 25 mins, which makes me feel pretty good that I should be able to ramp up on this pretty quick. I was really hoping to do 3 miles, but between not really eating well yesterday, and well, just not being in great shape, my body didn't let that happen. Hopefully I can crack 3 miles in the next week or so.

I definitely hurt for a while when I got home last night, but am sort of impressed with how I feel today, I really thought my body would be in total revolt, but I just have a little bit of aching in my legs.

The last piece of the whole thing is that I think using my lungs that much have caused them to dig deep and get the last of the smoking crap out. I coughed more since my run than I have in months. Hopefully this means my lungs will be good and cleaned out real soon now.

(And yes, I know I have been a slacker here, hopefully will be getting back in to the swing of it now)


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