Courez Le Numéro Trois

Ok, I figure I should switch it up a bit with the titles, so today, I go with French :)

I went for my third run this morning. I took the same path I took on Thursday morning. This time I ran for about 80% of that distance (maybe even more) and still felt pretty good. Once I got back to the house, I actually did one loop around my building walking. So, all in all I did over 1.8 miles in about 18 1/2 mins.

I'm glad I am still keeping to the 10 minute mile pace and doing a little more. I'm not sure if it was the cool down walk or just that my body is getting better at this, but my recovery time was definitely a lot less this morning.

Overall, my body is reacting pretty well to this. My muscles definitely hurt a bunch, but I think that will improve over time. Considering most of them have not been worked out like this since gym class in high school, I am impressed that I am able to move, much less function normally :)

Since I am running every other day, I figured I needed to do something on the off days, so yesterday morning I started doing pushups and situps. I had a streak for a while of doing these most mornings a few months ago, but got out of it. I figure between those and the running, I should start to see some improvement soon.

The next step (though not an immediate one) is going to be to join a gym. The Constitution Inn down the block from my apartment has a gym and it's only $400/year to join. Since its a couple of blocks away, that may be a good one. The nice part is that they have day passes too, so I can go check it out a few times and see if its for me before I actually join up.

Lastly, I am thinking of maybe starting a sub-blog here, so people who don't care to, don't have to hear about my fitness stuff, but at the same time, its not like I have 1000s of readers clamoring for my words on other topics. So, who knows?


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