More Changes ...

I did a bunch of updates today. Slowly trying to finish getting the site to where I want.

What I did:

Moved the blog to the top level page. The /junt will still work, but just going to will now work (and should be used by default.

Cleaned up all the pages that used to be part of the top level page to have the new look. Well, except for the picture gallery. Still need to look over the CSS and HTML for that.

Cleaned up the web site directory. Still need to look through a bunch of this stuff, but I think I got all the junk out.

Set up a Wiki to play with and got it set up in the style of the blog.

Still need to do:
Re-link in all the top level pages to the blog.
Clean up HTML and CSS for the picture gallery
Add Side Bars to all the local pages
Add Navigation Bars to all of the pages
Probably a bunch more stuff

Slowly the page is coming together in the new look and feel and with all the features I was hoping to have.


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