They're Back ...

Harry Potty - Garbage Pail Kids set to return - Jul. 12, 2003:

"After being off the market for 15 years, a new series of the hugely successful stickers that entertained children in the mid-1980s with depictions of bodily functions will be released in August by The Topps Co."

Sweet! Now, I need to remember next time I am home to go looking for all my old ones. If these things hit again, I bet their would be a market for them again, which means some Ebay love would be in order.

I am just hoping that they didn't get destroyed in the flood that occurred in the closet in my old room at home.

Actually, I really should clean that whole closet out some time. There are TONS of baseball cards in there, which I probably could make a ton of money on. That would be a nice way to make up some of the cash I am down these days.

I was a fanatic when it came to baseball cards, spending all my money on them for a while. I have all sorts of un-opened packs of cards from the 80s and early 90s. I also have all kinds of better cards put away nicely in binders.

Now, where I might be able to fit all this stuff is a whole other issue.


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