Strange Movable Type 3.3 Issues (Help??)

I'm having a strange issue with MT since upgrading to the 3.3 series and was hoping maybe the lazyweb could help.

With one upgraded system, I see this:


With another, I see this:


(You can click on those images to see bigger versions).

As you can see with the first one, the CSS and the tables seem all messed up. It almost looks like it has to do with the category list.

On the second one, everything looks peachy.

I tried clearing out my stylesheet and a few other things which didn't seem to help. It doesn't look like the stylesheet here is the issue though, as it looks like MT uses internal ones for these pages and not user developed ones.

It seems like the issue is not just the layout, it seems that this messes up some other things like when I try to update posts, the Submit button does nothing. So, it sounds like something is really messed up here.

Any ideas of where I might start looking to figure this out?


Update: Woops, just realized that I have turned off all comments (due to the spambots beating the shit out of the server, feel free to e-mail at any address in the skadz domain if you have suggestions


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