Web Updates and Hacking ...

So, I did a bunch more work on my CD Collection application that I am working on today. First off, I got my CDDB
(actually FreeDB) interface all up and working. Thanks to David Schlutz, the author of Net::FreeDB who
helped me out with a couple of problems I was having with his module. I now have a perl script which will
grab information off of a CD in my computer CD player, contact FreeDB and get any possible matches, let
me select which match I want to use and them take a few more pieces of information from the user and then
insert all of the information about the disc and its tracks in to a mysql DB. Neat little app and will make catalogging
my CD collection a lot easier. I also did some work on the web front end to the database and now I have pages to
view artists by letter, view the artist and view albums. I only have put 1 disc in the DB so far, so there isn't much,
but it will be coming soon.

I have started to do some hacking in the last few days for the first time in a while. I really had not done a ton
of programming as of late, pretty much since I lost my last job. I have realized while doing the stuff I have been
doing in the last few days that I missed it. Hopefully this will lead to me getting some more stuff up and
running here on skadz.com, but also on my Dream Theater site over at www.dreamt.org.
If I could get that site back up and useful, it would be really nice.

I think my next few updates here on this site are going to be finishing up some more work on the CD Collection
software such as searching for stuff, reviews (both by me and user writable), and some graphics ability (album
cover art and the like). Also, I would eventually like to customize MT over on this part of the site some more.

Well, that's about where I am so far. I am one of the few people in the US who actually is going to work
tomorrow, so I can't hack too late :)


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