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I spent a bunch of today doing more work on my website of which this is a part. The main thing I did was do some design on the the top level page. I really did not like the look of the top level page, especially the graphics I had put up there. I also didn't like the background color I was using for the side bar. I played around some and game up with a design I like alot more.

I also added a ton of links on the top level page, mostly to sites outside of This includes a lot of my friends sites, my Dream Theater site, some wish lists on sites, etc. I also added in the freshmeat content in addition to slashdot, which was already there. I got rid of the ugly weather underground banner which was on top. I really would have like to keep something from them up, but they don't really have any banners which are all that nice looking.

The second big thing I did was to match up this section of the site with the top level page. I initially tried to switch the sides, so the info bar would be on the left, like the top level page, but that was a disaster. Nothing lined up right. But, in the end, just getting all the colors and look to match up makes me happy.

Hopefully this week, I will do a few things:

a) Get more CDs in to my CD collection
b) Add an editing programming to the CD Collection software
c) I'd like to make up some sort of software page, to put things like my CD Collection software and CD info grabbing software
d) Do some updates, like dupe checking, to the CD info grabbing software
e) Add a Boston page, basically about the things I like to do in Boston
f) Add a links page, basically a ton of links to the place I visit often, maybe put a top 5 or top 10 links on the home page
g) Figure out something to put on my top level page, maybe even the latest update or something from this side

Oh and I will probably figure out all sorts of other stuff to do. And of course, there is re-doing all of That is definitely a top priority on my list. Well, I should hit the sack.


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