Back in Black

Last night, I got a couple of movies from Netflix, so I decided to throw one in and lay down to try and take a nap (yesterday was not a good day at all). I had Shallow Hal and Orange County. Both being Jack Black movies. I am a big fan of his, especially in his music group Tenacious D. I decided upon Shallow Hal to throw in first.

This movie was pretty much what you would have expected. A couple of rather odd characters, situations in it like a man who walked on his feet and hands. All in all, not a bad movie, but I didn't think it had many real Jack Black moments. Definitely worth the rent, but don't think it would be a movie I would watch over and over again.

Still up when the movie ended, instead of being sound asleep as the hope had been. I flipped on the Red Sox game for a while, watched Ozzfest Uncensored (which seemed kind of old), and basically just channel surfed. I soon enough landed on another Jack Black movie, High Fidelity. I saw this in the theaters a few years ago with some friends and enjoyed it then, so I watched some of it for a while. Finally, I decided I would throw the other movie in.

Orange Country was rather amusing. Jack Black definitely had many more moments like you would have expected from him. I enjoyed this movie alot. I thought all the characters were real good and the acting was rather good, especially since alot of the main characters were somewhat newcomers. I thought the ending was a bit cheesy, but other than that, I thought it was a great flick.


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