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So, yesterday, as per usual on Sunday, I spent much of the day on my couch in front of the TV. I usually just end up watching sports (Red Sox or NASCAR) and then just flipping channels to kill time the rest of the day while I either play on my computer or drift in and out of sleep. Yesterday there was some exception to the normal rules, I actually watched a movie and then a comedy special on HBO.

A little background here, I am a member of Netflix, which is an AWESOME service, but as of late, I have not been really watching the movies they send me and it started feeling like a waste of money, so I told myself I was definitely going to watch at least one of the 3 movies I had laying around.

I had three movies laying around. Drawing Flies (a View Askew flick), which I had already watch half of and really had not found it all that good, The Others, which looks awesome and what I have watched of it looked interesting, and 13 Ghosts which I knew little about, but I was not convinced it would be all that good.

Since I was in a mood to use as little brain power as possible (and since I knew I would be semi-distracted by computer, random house stuff, and shiny objects), I figured 13 Ghosts would be my best bet.

I threw it in and watched, somewhat, and in the end was really not impressed. First off, I thought the story was somewhat lame and it seemed like they focused way too much on showing cool looking ghosts rather than any semblance of a plot. Also, in the scene with Shannon Elizabeth getting attacked by a ghost which was ripping her clothes off, there was no gratuitous nudity. I was somewhat saddened by this. (Yes, I know I could always throw in American Pie). In the end not really worth the watch. The funny part was that while doing some other stuff around the house I watched the documentary that was on the DVD and it made it sound like a much more interesting movie than it really ended up being. I guess that's what happen when you go from vision to reality.

Now, I figured after watching this, I would also throw in The Others, but while channel flipping I landed on the Robin Williams HBO special. Supposedly it was live from New York. I'm not sure if that was a taped "live" or real live. This kept me very entertained for the hour and a half plus it was on. I have not seen much of his stand up comedy in the past, but have always found him funny in movies and when making television appearances. This stuff was freakin hilarious. I realized while watching that he is a very smart person and is definitely up on current events. He was able to go from Jesus and Bible stuff to the current Afghan crisis (and using the Unabomber to catch him ;). If this comes on HBO any time in the future, I definitely suggest watching it.

Well, that concludes TV time for now.


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