Roo Lineup

When the Bonnaroo lineup initially came out, I have to say, I was less than impressed. It was a good lineup, but nothing that is going to keep me out in the elements for a weekend.

Then, addition 1 came out, and Umphrey's and The Disco Biscuits were added. I've turned in to a huge Umphrey's fan and this made it more tempting.

Then a wonderful thing happened in Artist Additions 2. Oysterhead was added. I would LOVE to see these guys. Since they haven't played together in a while, I wonder if they will spend some time in the studio before heading down to Tenn. Could mean lots of new stuff and probably means a lot of free flowing jamming. And with the three incredible musicians that comprise Oysterhead, it could be amazing to see live.

In the end, I doubt I will make it to Tenn, as the big trip for this year is looking to be Ireland. But, I really can't wait to hear this show once it gets pushed out on to the sites.


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