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Some may have noticed that I added my recent del.icio.us entries to the side bar. Del.icio.us is basically a group link blog. You can access my page here and the RSS for it here

I spent a bunch of time over the long weekend working on the new laptop. A bunch of software updates to the latest gentoo development releases, mostly multimedia stuff to make sure I have lots of goodies when it comes to that stuff.

Though I am very much a fan of MPlayer, as it plays EVERYTHING video, including Windows Media, Quicktime, Real, DVDs, etc, I am very quickly falling in love with Rhythmbox. It's an iTunes clone and looks real sweat. Does a lot of nice things with organizing MP3s too. The two issues I have so far are no support for editing ID3 tags. Very annoying, as it does a great job of using them, but won't let me fix things when I see they are broken. Looks like it is in the plan though. The other problem is a strange one. It seems as if it isn't keeping internet radio stations I add. Oh? Did I mention it handles internet radio statioins? Very nice. Also, the gnome-panel icon is very nice too.

Much of the rest of the work on the laptop was on trying to move all the data from my old laptop on to this one and get it organized. The getting organized part is the hardest, but I have a pretty good directory structure now. I have about another gig of data to organize, but I will do that over the course of the week.

Now that I have all the data moved off the old laptop and think I have everything I need on this system, the next step is to install Fedora on the old laptop. I need to decide on a new platform for my group of laptops that I travel to trade shows with. I may eventually get the Red Hat Enterprise edition. Advanced Workstation is it called? Something like that. But, I figure Fedora is a good starting point. The other possibility is the new SUSE, but that's still a bit off.

Watched lots on the TiVo over the weekend. Lots of West Wing as I mentioned earlier. Other than that, nothing all that interesting. Caught B00005JM0B. It was pretty good. I thought it was going to be more war and less chase, but I guess I was wrong.

Made some pork chops on Saturday that came out ok. I think I needed something to offset the citrus some. Anyone got a real good pork chop recipe out there? Got lots of food at the store on Saturday, so I'm prepared for a week of good cooking.

And yes, Halley, I did go out both Friday and Saturday . Tee Hee :)


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