Dave Matthews and Friends - Boston, MA - 12/16/2003

On Tuesday my friend Joanna and I headed over to the Fleet Center to see Dave Matthew's solo band. We met up for dinner and drinks beforehand, so we skipped the opener. Show started a little after 8 with Dave and Tim Reynolds doing an acoustic performance. They sounded awesome. Bartender for an opener was great. They played 6 tunes and headed off. After about a 15 minute break, the whole band headed to the stage. They played all the songs on the album, as well as a few covers. The songs from the album sounded better live than they do on the album. The covers were well picked and came off great. Due to Trey from Phish and Tim being in the band, we got some jamming in, as well. Totally dug it. The band left the stage and about 10 minutes later came out Dave and Trey. I freaked at this point. I had been hoping that we would see a Waste some time along this tour and I figured I was about to get it. Well, they started off with Everyday, which sounded good. Obviously, they are still learning some of each other's parts. Then, to my joy, they did Waste. Waste is an excellent Phish song which Phish played 2 weeks beforehand at the 20th anniversary show. Sounded excellent with Dave and Trey trading off the verses. The band then joined them for one encore and the night was over. Definitely an awesome show and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I already have it on my computer :) Sounds excellent. Now, I just need to get the MSG show, where Dave and Trey did Bathtub Gin!! The set list:

Dave and Tim:
Bartender *
Crush *
Pay For What You Get *
Where Are You Going *
Typical Situation * -->
Dancing Nancies *

Dave and Friends:
Up and Away
Solsbury Hill #
Up On Cripple Creek @%
American Tune +
Stay or Leave
Oh Sister ^++
Some Devil **
So Damn Lucky
Tell Me Something Good ~
Save Me
Hey Bulldog $=
Everyday ***
Waste ***
Will It Go Round In Circles &

* Dave and Tim
# Peter Gabriel cover
^ with Emmylou Harris
++ Bob Dylan cover
% Trey on lead vocals
+ Paul Simon cover
@ The Band cover
~ Stevie Wonder cover
$ Beatles cover
& Billy Preston cover
= with Buddy Miller (Emmylou's guitarist)
** Dave solo
*** Dave and Trey


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