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So, it's snowing again. Fun fun. So, some random snow stories/comments.

A week ago Tuesday, while driving in to work with my friend, the snow was coming down pretty hard, even though we were supposed to get next to nothing. Due to the cold temps, the roads were very slick. My friend's real wheel drive car was sliding around a bunch, so we were going rather slow. Well, in his rearview mirror, he sees a jeep do a 360 on the road and keep going. That was rather worrying. Minutes later, the jeep is now in front of us (do people EVER learn?) and he starts to fishtail in front of us. Luckily, he caught it in time or else we may have been a victim that morning. He then cuts across two lanes of traffic to get off and the comment was "he's not getting wherever he's going". Seems as if we were the last to not get killed by traffic that morning. About 15 minutes later in to the ride we heard about 2 cars which overturned on the road we had just travelled. Reports came in throughout the day of it taking people 2-5 hours to get to work on trips that were sometimes as short as 20 minutes.

Walking through the neighborhood on Monday to get some provisions, as I hadn't left the house since Friday night with all the snow. As I walked through the streets, I was thinking to myself about the snow in Boston. The snow itself is not a big deal, but living in a city the big problem becomes there is NOWHERE for the snow to go. You can shovel, but you basically just have to make a big pile right next to where you are shoveling. We don't have lawns to throw all the snow on like they do in the burbs. Rather annoying.

And now, we are here again for the second weekend in a row with the snow coming down. They are saying this snow is going to get gross by the end and turn in to sleet and rain. I'd much rather have pure snow.


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