The Downward Spiral

That was most definitely the theme song for this evening.

It started out innocently enough. After seeing some recent security advisries about Linksys routers, I decided to check to make sure mine was up to date. I checked their web page and saw that there was a newer version.

Of course, like any other vendor out there, there is only a Windows program to upgrade. This is amusing considering that the Linksys routers all run Linux. So, I did what I have done before and used Wine to run the Windows program and upgrade. Well, it didn't seem to work as well as it has in the past, so I decided to reboot it. Well, that made it even worse. I now could ping the box, but the web admin interface was not coming up. Also, the wireless light had now gone dark. This causes a huge problem as the only network wire close enough to my laptop is rather unreliable. So, I put my old router in place, so I could get on the net and started searching. I found a number of things, but nothing that really helped. I did notice the tftp server was up and running on the router, but the web interface didn't work, so I couldn't disable the password as I had found in one set of instructions. After a while I had pretty much given up adn decided to try the Wine method one more time. Amazingly, it worked. It seems as if there is a huge problem with the Linksys doing an upgrade while active. People should watch for this. So, now after about 2 hours of searching and trying different things, I am finally back up and running. Argh.

Well, then, the funny part. My DVD player is basically not working any longer. I have already decided I want a 5 disc changer some time in the near future, so I can replace both my broken CD and broken DVD players. So, I have been watching movies on my laptop lately. Kind of sucky, as I don't get the surround sound or the big picture (well, bigger than my 15" laptop screen). As I was putting away a bunch of manuals that I had pulled out trying to fix the router, I saw something with the DVD symbol on it. It was my PS2 documentation. I had TOTALLY and COMPLETELY forgotten the damn PS2 can act as a DVD player. ARGH. Well, now at least I have a DVD player hooked up to my TV again, especially since I have 2 action films coming from Netflix in the next day or two.

Argh, well, now I am tired and frustrated and have to get up early, so i think it's time for bed.


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