Phishy Sadness

OK, my depression is getting deeper by the day.

Phish is doing a 4 show run being called their 20th anniversary run. The final show and the official 20th Anniversay show is tommorrow night in Boston. And guess who doesn't have a ticket?

So, I was sorta hoping, maybe, the shows wouldn't be all that great or they wouldn't be playing a lot of stuff I like. Well, that turned out all wrong. The first two shows have had amazing set lists. I even grabbed a copy of the second night already and it sounds just incredible.

Well, tonight was show 3, the final show before the big show tomorrow in Boston. Well, not only did the set kick ass, but the original fourth member of the band joined them for the second set and the encore! Holy Shit! I would have to assume he is travelling to Boston tomorrow as well. Someone said something about LOTS of guest appearances tomorrow, which would not surprise me in the least.

So, my depression continues to get deeper and my hatred of my friends who are going rages higher and higher. I figure it will culminate when I get a set list tomorrow night and a report on Wednesday from my friends.


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