Evening Fun

Last night, CMS came over to hang out. It's going to be the last time we hang out for a while, as he is moving to North Carolina to work for Red Hat. He's excited about the gig, so I'm happy for him, though disappointed to lose another friend to places outside of Boston. Much of the night was spent geeking out, which should come as no surprise. We worked on getting Gentoo working on his 12" G4. After about 6 kernel compiles, I finally really read the error message and saw it was switching his disks. Once we checked one box in menuconfig everythinng worked much better. Now he gets to go through the fun of compiling everything he wants. Was nice to see him one last time before he left.

One thing I did notice though is that this was his first time seeing my place and I have lived here almost 2 years (gotta call the landlord and get the lease renewed!). I think I need to get the place nice and cleaned up and have some of my friends over some night, since many have yet to see the place. Oh good, yet another thing on the TODO list, which never seems to end.


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