Gas Miracle

Talking to some folks at work today, Kev mentioned that gas by his house had gone up 40 cents overnight. Being someone who drives over 70 miles a day getting to and from work, I immediately got very nervous. This is going to kill my finances (which are already pretty much in shambles) if I have to pay that much more for gas. On the way home, I stopped by the gas station I usually use to get smokes and saw that their prices had gone up 62 cents over night (if I remember yesterday right and really read the board right). Crap! Even though I didn't REALLY need gas, I figured I should get some if it wasn't too bad, as it will probably be even WORSE next week.

Well, I decided I just was not going to pay that much. So, I jumped on the Mass Pike and headed home. While passing the westbound rest stop (I was going eastbound), my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw their regular gas was just $2.85 (rather than the $3.29 at my normal place). I was amazed. So, when I hit the eastbound rest stop, I pulled right. Gas was still $2.85. Someone must have been a little slow in telling them to raise their prices. I only needed about half a tank of gas, but even with just 6 gallons, I saved myself like $2.50 by buying gas on the MassPike.

I remember back in the days when the used to severely gouge you on the highways. I know they have passed some laws which restrict how much they can gouge you these days, but seeing gas CHEAPER on the Pike than at a regular gas station blew me away.


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