Sharon Osbourne shows her true colors

Blabbermouth has an article from Kerrnag! magazine where Sharon Osbourne admits to causing all the problems at Iron Maiden's last performance on Ozzfest:

Sharon Osbourne: "Of course I did. I had the PA turned on and off. And look it's not hard for someone to walk into a diehard Ozzfest crowd and say, 'Who wants to throw an egg at a rock star?' Who wouldn't wanna do that? I went out and bought 50 eggs and me and my daughter had a fucking blast. C'mon, it's rock 'n' roll. No-one died. They'll be waiting a long fucking time for an apology from me."

Since I'm not a nasty person, I won't use a four letter word that starts with a C, but she sure is one. This is the biggest lack of respect I have ever seen from someone.

Someone has started a website, Boycott Sharon, to try and get Sharon to apologize via putting a letter in Billboard. My opinion? Fuck her and her tour. She's made a joke out of Ozzy and her entire family and this is the last straw. I will NEVER go to an Ozzfest or anything which Sharon has any involvement in.


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