"Time To Geek Out"

Driving home from work on Wednesday, I was listening to WAAF, as I usually do (until I lose the signal) and Paul Marshall got to the Hairball portion of his show. Usually, he plays some sort of hair band from back in the day (Poison, Slaughter, Warrant, etc). On Wednesday, he started out the segment with, "It's time to geek out". I knew immediatetly I was about to hear some Dream Theater on the radio. He continued to say something like, these guys really aren't a hairband, but did well then and continue to do well today. He then made fun of geeks like me saying "Oh my God! He's playing Dream Theater on the radio". And then he played "Pull Me Under". Always good to hear a little DT on the radio, though it would be nice if they would play SOMETHING, ANYTHING besides Pull Me Under.


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