TiVo Overload

So, last weekend, I was bored and wanting some TV to watch and saw my TiVo really had nothing going on on Saturday or Sunday. Just some stuff at night, but was pretty much staying idle during the day. I figured this was something I should look in to. Maybe I could find some interesting stuff that was on on the weekends.

Since I watch a lot of "normal" TV type shows, I decided I wanted to find more documentaries and things like that. Shows that actually might stimulate my brain rather than just slow it down and allow it to lie idle.

I found a number of shows from channels like The History Channel, Discovery Channel, TechTV, etc. Some things like Modern Marvels, History's Mysteries, random specials, etc.

The side effect of this is the TiVo now is chock full of stuff like this. These shows are on a lot. Late at night, on the weekends, mid-day, etc. Now, this stuff is interesting, but at this point I am suffering from overload. I'd like to use these shows to learn things and find out all sorts of new information. The problem? Watching these shows back to back to back to back is not the easiest thing. Also, these shows are hard to watch while doing other things and I am a great multi-tasker and hardly ever just watch TV without at least having the computer going in the background (like Lyon's Den is on right now).

The one nice part? Since these shows are all in my Season Pass list now, anything that is not a one time special, I can skip, and sometime after 28 days from now, it will pick the show up again and I can watch it then. This is definitely an excellent feature of TiVo.


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