Bad MTV, no cookie!

MTV, well, at least this weekend, and maybe always, is not good about descriptions of its shows. This weekend Punk'd was on all the time, since the season premiere was tonight. Well, instead of each episode just said "Practical jokes played on celebrities" or something like that. So, what happened? TiVo taped every single one of them. At points I had 2 and maybe even 3 copies of the same episode saved on the TiVo. Very annoying. So, MTV, if you are listening, ALWAYS send full information out, so that us TiVo users can not overflow our hard drives with the same episode of one of your shows. And while you are at it? Start your damn shows on time. Very annoying to miss the last few minutes of a show because MTV decided to start at 8:33 instead of 8:30.


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