My one TiVo problem

The biggest problem I have found so far is that I have to do too much work. Many people after reading that are probably saying I am crazy, but wait, I will prove this. Yes, TiVo is great for things like Season Passes and Wishlists and things like that, works perfectly. The problem is when I want to record something that doesn't fall under those two categories.

Let's say I see a movie I want to see. What I feel is the correct way for it to work is this. I find the movie using a search and say record this movie. It then tells me, a) Yup, going to record! or b) I can't record that, every opportunity conflicts. If every conflicts, then I figure out what I am going to cancel. The best way for me to do this would be to show me all the possibilities and what will be cancelled on one page. That would make it quick and easy for me to determine what I feel I can miss and can go right ahead and say go and be done.

The problem is that isn't the way it works today. The way it works today is I find a movie, tell it to record the next possible showing, it then tells me it conflicts. I then go back, and go to the upcoming showings list and try and figure out which one is best for me. I have a vague idea of when my TiVo records things, so I take a stab. If there are conflicts with that one, I back up and go through the process again. Now, if a movie (like something new to a channel) is showing 10 times over the next 2 weeks (the amount of data the TiVo stores at once) I could end up going through this process for a long time. The end result could be, I don't have any available times. Now, after already spending 10 minutes going through each of these settings, I have to go BACK through them to find the one which is the least bothersome to the things I really want to see. In the end, I could see myself taking up to 20 or more minutes just to record one movie. Rather obnoxious.

So, TiVo, PLEASE make this easier. This is really the one feature of the TiVo which I really don't like and the solution is rather easy.


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