Yet Another ATM Card

$47b Fleet sale expected today

Oh goodie! In the 10 years I have lived in Boston, I have used one bank. In that time, this will be the fourth time that bank has been bought and I have to get a new ATM card. Now, I have never had much good to say about Fleet, so I am hoping this will be a change for the better and not for the worse. Anyone out there use Bank of America (the bank buying Fleet) and have any opinions?

I have two worries. The first is problems with direct deposit due to the the bank change. This hasn't bothered me in the past, but you never know. The second is I worry about online banking. Fleet's online banking rocks. I have used it for a long long time and really enjoy using it and really don't want to lose anything from it. Hopefully, the BoA service is just as good.

So, now I think back. I started out with BayBank. They were outside the dorms when I moved up here for school. They then went and merged with Bank of Boston, to form BankBoston. Then, Fleet bought BankBoston. Now, Fleet gets bought by Bank of America. Oh, the fun. The one semi-nice thing is I have a credit card with Bank of America and hopefully now I will be able to easily access that account through one interface.

Well, here we go again!


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