Perfect Timing

As it was getting in to the evening hours last night, I decided on what I was going to do for the evening and set out to finish some things before heading there. At some point over the course of this time, I remembered that the possible last game of the World Series was going on, but at the time, I was planning on getting to the bar around 10, which should have left me plenty of time to hopefully catch the Yankees lose. Well, as I always do, I took my time getting ready and getting out the door. I got in to Fanueil Hall around 10:45 and probably walked in to the packed bar around 10:50 or so. The first thing I noticed? The whole bar way paying attention to the TV. I glanced up to see 2-0, bottom 9th, 1 out. As I watched, the outfielder made a catch and now the Yankees were down to their final out. Moments later, as I got my drink and settled in, a slow dribbler down the first base line ended the game. The bar erupted, high fives all around, "Yankees Suck" chants beginning. It was almost like we were all in Florida.

But, no, it was Boston. The Nation felt it at least got some revenge with the Yankees falling to the Marlins. Usually if my team gets knocked out of the playoffs in a sport, I end up cheering for the team that beat them, because I liked to be able to at least say we lost to the best. Well, obviously not this year :) And, in the end, the only ones who beat the Sox were the Sox (and most say Grady Little), so there really was no need to cheer the Yankees. I doubt there ever will be a time to cheer for the Yankees.

Well, my good timing got me to start my evening out (the first time outside a 2 block radius of my apartment since Sunday due to illness) with a smile.


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