TiVo Home Media Server on Linux

So, this morning I decided to do some searching on the Net for TiVo Home Media Service for Linux. I figured I should be at least able to find something. Initially I found a page which looked promising, but after looking around some, I saw no work had been done for more than 4 months and that the initial files were never fully realeased. I e-mailed the author and moved on.

Next, I decided to check SourceForge and I found a number of things on TiVo. The one that best fit what I was looking for was byRequest TiVo HMO Server. I compiled it, set up the configuration file and let it go. And now I am able to play the TONs of MP3s I have on my laptop on my TiVo. Now, this doesn't sound all that amazing, BUT, my TiVo is hooked up to my home theater system, which means I can now play anything I have on MP3 on the Home Theater system. Now, that is sweet.

So, anyone else looking to get this working should definitely check out this project.


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