I actually finished this a few weeks ago, but now that I got MTAmazon working, I thought I would try it out. This was a very interesting book. It was a combination of a history of baseball statistics and a look at how Billy Beane got a team to the playoffs 3 years in a row on a budget of next to nothing. It also profiled some players who have turned out much better than expected by old school stats. I would definitely say this is a book geared towards people who are fans of baseball and follow it at least to some degree. I really enjoyed the read, as it was a quick and easy read, but also interesting.

Two amusing points. After reading this book, i got a kick out of how many of the A's players I knew from the book when watching the Red Sox / A's playoff series. Second, looking at the 2003 stats, the A's didn't do all that well in either walks or OBP or OPS even though this was the stat that was so touted as what the A's looked for according to this book.


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