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My TiVo just told me all about these. They look freakin sweet. Too bad I don't have $1200 (80 hour) or $1800 (120 hour) laying around to buy one. This would totally complete the TiVo experience for me. I love having it, but how cool would it be to burn off a disc of movies or a discs with whole seasons of shows?

Also, right now I just set up to tape a whole ton of movies over the next week (cleaned my Netflix list of everything that was available on cable) and if I start to run low on space, it would be great to be able to just throw some movies on DVD for a later time.

Now, the real question. What does the MPAA think of this? I would have to assume they are not liking DVD burners in the first place and probably liking it even less that now it is a snap to go from cable right to DVD with a nice interface and all. Though, with the current level of expense that these things are, only hard core video enthusiasts and the all too rich will have these for now, so I guess its not a huge threat just yet, but I would think these things will shoot down in price pretty quickly.


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