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My second project of the day was a combination project. My buddy CMS recently got MTAmazon working correctly and sent me some information on how to do it, which I had promptly kept in my Inbox and done nothing with.

This morning, while talking to CMS, he said he was trying to get a reading list working and was having trouble. I figured this would be a good opportunity to help a friend, as well as get this working myself. I spent a bit getting everything going and slowly learning about Macros in MT, until I got the plugin working correctly for normal posts. Once I got this done, it was on to helping figure out how to get this to work without MT entries. After a little searching of the documentation, I found the MTMacroApply tag. Once this got turned on, things got somewhat better, but still were not working 100%. I saw that the macro we were using required something that was not always going to be there, so I added another macro to not need that and was off to the races.

The end result? I now have a reading list on the site. It can be found here.


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