Stupid Cab Drivers

Last night, after watching Sweep The Leg over at Hennessey's for a bit, I jumped in a cab to head home. Normally, I would catch a ride or walk, but it was late and cold and I was too tired to walk.

So, I am talking on the phone and the guy pulls up in front of my place and I go to hand him a $20 and ask for $10 back. A HUGE tip on a $7 cab ride, but I am always nice to cabbies and it was probably a slow night, so I know he will appreciate it. He says he has no change, can we go to the store down the block. I say the store is closed and I am not giving him $20 for a $7 ride. I tell him I am getting out, its his own fault. He starts to attempt to bargain with me in his broken English and since we all know I am way too nice, I say fine. So, we drive over to the 24 hour store which is 5 mins away. I jump out of the cab and go in and buy some gum (which I needed anyways, more on that in the next post) and come out. He drives me back to my place, I hand him $8 (why I still gave him a tip, I do not know) and head inside. A rather frustrating end to what had been a fun night up until then. That will teach me to trust anyone besides my friends over Green Cab. Green Cab ROCKS and if you are ever in Somerville or Charlestown and need a cab, you definitely should call them.

How fuckin stupid of a cab driver do you have to be to not carry change? Can someone please explain this to me?


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