Eighteen Months Versus 15 Days

For a long time, I had always said I was going to quit smoking when I turned 30. It had been a personal goal and something I had always said I would do. And I did. On my 30th birthday, I finished the pack of cigarettes I had and then took a shower, threw on a patch and was done with smoking. Sadly, a few months later on Thanksgiving, I figured I was cured and I could have one cigarette after a great meal prepared by K and I would be fine. Half a pack later that night, I was on my way back to being a smoker. By January I was smoking full time again and didn't have any real plans of quitting again any time soon.

That was 18 months ago today (yes, that means today is my half birthday). Well, I am happy to report, that today I am 15 days in to attempting to quit again. I started on the patch 2 Sundays ago, but was still smoking occasionally over the first week. Now I have been completely smoke free for just over a week. I've had a few hard moments, but I just keep in mind the reasons I quit when the nicotine fits hit and I have been able to get through them. That and packs and packs and packs of gum (regular sugar free, not nicotine gum). The most impressed I was so far was being able to actually stand outside with people smoking and not immediately steal a smoke from my friends. The biggest issue thus far was after all the cleaning yesterday and kicking up lots of cigarette smoke created dust, I was hurting pretty bad. But, I have made it through and hopefully I will continue and this will be the last quitting attempt. It's the third serious attempt I have made over the years and am hoping this one keeps up.

Wish me luck!


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