Review: Slip Kid @ Dante's

On Saturday night, I headed out to Dante's @ Firefley's to check out Slip Kid. Slip Kid is a Who tribute band consisting of Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen), his brother Markus, Paul Mangone, Dana Spellman and Jeff Calder. I was really looking forward to this since I had heard good things from a lot of different people.

Tom and I got to the venue about 9 and the parking lot was PACKED. After getting inside, it seems that many of the cars were for the restaurant. After about 15 mins of waiting, we got a spot and headed in. A band was setting up (which turned out to be Flesh or most of the members of) when we got in. Soon after heading in, they began. They were pretty good, but I wasn't overly impressed. Markus joined them for the last song or two.

A little while after they headed off, Slip Kid came on. They did two sets of great renditions of Who music. Though the band sounded awesome, I was a little disappointed in the sound. Not sure if it was the room (which I was VERY not impressed with) or the mix, but it wasn't great. I've got a copy of the set list which I will put up at some point later, but pretty much they touch on all the hits as well as a number of other songs.


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