My new car mechanic: Google!

So, I get in my car this morning around 8:30, turn the key and NOTHING happens. Confused, I try a few more times, still nothing. I look, the lights and radio are working fine, so it doesn't seem to be the battery. This is all very strange. I grab the manual and start looking through and I find nothing about a kill switch, so I am even more confused.

I head back in to the house and boot up the laptop. I do a couple of searches which give me nothing. Finally I search on "2001 grand am gt won't start" (the amusing part of this is after thinking some later, I realize I have a 2002, but that is besides the point) and find this article. It says:

The problem is that the RKE (remote keyless entry) system has a defect in it that causes car not to start. As of now there is no recall on the passlock systems. As for a fix, the experts are honestly not sure. To reset the computerized system, put key in the ignition and leave it in 'On' position for about ten minutes. Then turn it off, and try - it should start then. Warning: Continued resetting of the computer this way will eventually damage computer and will cost lots to replace/fix.

So, I head out to the car and switch it to the on position. After sitting for about 10 or 11 minutes, the SECURITY light which has been blinking stops blinking and goes solid. I go from On to Start and STILL NOTHING. Crap! So, I turn the car off and try again and the car starts right up.

I turn the car off and head back in to the house to get all my stuff, jump in the car, it starts no problem and off I go. Thanks Google!.

The bad part is that I realized (after I had passed a cop or two) that I left my manual, which has my registration in it, sitting on my coffee table. Got to remember not to drive like a maniac heading home, so I don't get pulled over without my registration on me.

All in all, not too bad, since I saved myself from having to call AAA and get towed by checking in with Google first :)


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