More Bank of America Horrors

I haven't bitched about Bank of America in a while, so I will again today after a horrible conversation with them.

So, I got paid last Saturday. In going through all my bills, I paid off my credit line. In the past, as soon as you paid off your credit line, the money was available, as it should be, its just passing from one part of your account to another.

Well, with the wonderful new world of Bank of America, transferring from one part of your Bank of America account to another takes 1 business day. So, what happens is they fuck you. I went and paid all the rest of my bills, went food shopping, etc etc, and then when all these things caught up on Monday, they charged me $34 for overdrafting my account. Now, there was plenty of money in my account, but because it was in process of being transferred from one part of my account to the other, they charged me $34. Actually, it looks like they hit me twice for the same night. Fucking idiots.

Well, I finally have the last straw of using Bank of America. Have to deal with one little thing and then I will be closing my account.


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