Making money on the side?

Here's my question. how do people make extra money? Now, I know there are things like focus groups and stuff like that, but I really don't have any interest in that.

I would love to find some quick contract programming work. Something recurring along those lines would be even better. Maybe something like 5 or 10 hours a week. That would be perfect. Is there some place online that I could look at or I could post my resume that looks for people looking for this kind of work?

I already put google ads on my Dream Theater site. Have they dealt with letting bloggers put these ads on their sites easily? I know some people had all sorts of issues early on. I do run AdBrite ads on both sites. Is there any other way to make money on my blogs? Hell, I'd even use products and write about them on a regular basis. Just wondering if there are more ways to make money with this site :)

I started looking at Amazon's Mechanical Turk site. But with rates like $0.03 per task, it would take a while to make some real money. But, if you did 100 a day, I guess you could make some money.

So, besides programming, ads and mturk, are there other ways I can make money sitting at my computer? Are there other ways I can make money in general? Obviously, this is all after hours type stuff, I do still have a full time job, just trying to make a little extra cash (especially with the holidays fast approaching).


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