You know you're a Pats fan ...

From my Inbox:

Top 20 Signs of a Pats Fan

20. Didn't flip off the guy who cut you off on the Expressway because he had a Pats sticker in his back window
19. Can't eat unless it is cooked in parking lot
18. You throw snow in the air anytime something good happens.
17. Your alarm clock blares "Welcome to the Jungle" at 5 in the morning.
16. You find it flattering that your new pants make you look like Ted Washington.
15. You thought that the State of the Union address was a presidential rally held just for Tom Brady.
14. Cancelled Subscription to Sports Illustrated just to be able to order a New Subscription and receive Patriots video
13. Even though it's in a dome you're still hoping for snow.
12. You find yourself whistling, "I fought the law and the law won."
11. You think 17-14 is a blow-out.
10. Gave my wife the "There's no 'I' in team" speech when I helped with the dishwasher.
9. You think its hot outside.
8. Instead of asking for a Brewski you ask for a Bruschi
7. You go around kicking cats because they are related to Panthers
6. Considering petition to keep Mia Hamm 5 km from Tom Brady at all times
5. You're wearing your #12 jersey into work and answering to "Brady."
4. Have been going outside without a shirt on because everyday since the Titans game seems warm
3. Considering naming my daughter Tedy, Ty, or Tom.
2. Voices in head telling you to "Kill Grady" put on hold during Belichick press conferences
1. You already took Monday off


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