Rumored Phish Dates

This is currently a RUMORED list of Phish 2004 Tour Dates for everyone's information. Do not ask me about anything, this is just something I found and thought I would pass along. I don't know if therre will be more, I don't know why they aren't playing your town, etc etc etc.

04/23/2004Madison Square Garden - NY, NY
04/24/2004Madison Square Garden - NY, NY
04/26/2004Worchester, MA
04/27/2004Worchester, MA
04/28/2004Hartford, CT
04/30/2004Hampton, VA
05/01/2004Hampton, VA
05/02/2004Winston-Salem, NC
05/04/2004Atlanta, GA
05/05/2004Atlanta, GA
05/07/2004Memphis, TN
05/08/2004Memphis, TN
05/09/2004St. Louis, MO
05/11/2004Denver, CO
05/13/2004Salt Lake City, UT
05/15/2004Las Vegas, NV
05/16/2004Las Vegas, NV

Also, album is rumored to be out May 20.

If these hold true, definitely expect to find me at the Worchester shows and Vegas SURE looks like it would be a good time in May.


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