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A long time ago when I worked at a different job and in Boston, it was a Friday afternoon tradition to head down to Sissy K's after work. On a slow week it was just Craver and I. But usually we had a good group of 5 or 10 and sometimes even a real big group of 20 or so. It was nice because usually it was us and a few other random people in the bar, so we kind of ran the place.

I was recently reminded of these times because I found some MP3s of the guy who used to play on Friday afternoons. Great music that really took me back to the days when Friday afternoons were a big social event for me. Tom O'Donnell and his buddy Carl Johnson played most Fridays. It was a good time. They played mostly older tunes rather than the current stuff that most solo guys play these days. Was great to hear something else rather than the same 30 or 40 songs you hear at every cover gig. Tom may be doing some tunes in Boston in the near future, I'm trying to get some information from him on when he may be around. If you're in the area and enjoy some good music, you should definitely check him out.


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