Catching Up ...

Slowly getting out from the pile of things to do. Between a week away, being sick and just plain being a procrastinator, there is a lot on my to do list. Biggest thing I did today was get my Dream Theater site updated with the latest information. Mostly tour information, but its off the plate for now. Also, working from home today, I got a lot of the needed TiVo caught up. I still have a ton of Simpsons episodes, but other than that, I'm just about back to ground zero.

Also, the last couple of days, I've been spending a bunch of time trying to get my server updated. Had some old packages on it and stuff. This has made me realize just how much I need a new server. Definitely have to figure out where in the budget this fits in, but its near the very top of my list of new purchases. As soon as the rebate check for my phone shows up, I will have to go and deal with this.

I still have a ton more to go, but at least I am slowly knocking things off the list. Still have a bunch of posts which I have in my head for here. Some WAY overdue. Hopefully the next few days will afford me some time to do some of that.


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