Saturday Nights

Halley is talking about The Big Saturday Night Lie. She says that many (if not all) of the blog crew are staying in on Saturdays, but not blogging to make it look like they have a life.

Well, I am usually out at least one of the two nights of the weekend. Depends mostly on what's going on, how my cash situation is, my mood, etc. If I am home on a weekend night, one of two things happen.

One possibility is going the exact opposite of what Halley says and blogging like a maniac. Cleaning up the 20 or 30 web browser windows that have been opened over the course of the last few days and left unread usually leads to at least one or two blog posts. Also, I usually have some other thoughts that come through while sitting in front of the computer with the TV spewing random shows off the TiVo.

On the other hand, if I am home on a weekend night, it usually means there was some reason I couldn't go out. I have had a standby bar for mny years that I have no problem going in all alone. So, if I had a reason for not going out, besides being having something to do at home, it usually means I am in a bad mood. Not being able to go out because of money or not being in a great mood, usually puts me in a even worse mood. If I'm in a bad mood and blog, I usually end up saying too much or whining about the bad things in my life and that's something I try to avoid on my blog, though it does come through from time to time.

So, Halley, track me all you want :) I'm usually out having fun, not hiding from the world trying to put on a big mask for the public.


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